New York City, work, college, astronomy, parks, landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, Alternative Indie bands, moon cycles, physics, museums, definitions, sociology, a respectable atheist, fancy restaurants, long walks, boardgames, wine, beer. Piano, the NYtimes, part time vegetarian. Tend to bombard myself with knowledge and equations, even if I won't remember it later. I am addicted to books & coffee. Believe that "Being alone is a gift." Don't categories myself in any race, I'm an outgoing, respectful Human and I think... thats a pretty good start. Oh and I was named Junil, pronounce it how you like, what's right and wrong anyways.
P.s. these values may change due to life decisions or decisions life makes for me.

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Hi! How many Fingers am I holding?

IG: MenteSullaMateria

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